Every Walking Stick & Cane is Unique

woodWalking Sticks of Williamsburg crafts walking sticks, canes and staffs from the finest selection of natural woods.

Every walking stick, cane and staff that we offer is hand-carved, finished, embellished and signed by Tom Abrials in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Our wood walking sticks, canes and staffs are fully functional for serious hikers, the young and old, men and women, and for anyone who desires more stability and style when walking.

We offer a broad selection of wood species, including Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Sassafras, Diamond Willow, Cherry, Lacewood, Leopardwood, Curly Tiger Stripe Maple, Sapele, Wormy Maple, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Quarter Swan White Oak, and Bloodwood. To complement the unique character and charm of our woods, many of our sticks feature leather, brass, bronze and other vintage and/or historical accessories.

Choose a Ready-Made or Made-to-Order Stick

Our customers may select from an in-stock walking stick or cane, or if you prefer, request a walking stick or cane to be made exclusively for your unique requirements — by wood species, style and embellishment. Similarly, we can accommodate special orders and tailor a cane or a walking stick to the individuals height, weight and desired special features (i.e cane hand grips).

Walking Sticks of Williamsburg can even accommodate more specialized and unique requirements for birthday and anniversary gifts. Just drop us a note and let us know what you have in mind. We are always happy to help, or answer any questions you may have.




Our Hand-Crafted Sticks & Canes Offer:

  • Stability when walking, hiking or standing for long periods of time.
  • Balance and support.
  • Assistance when climbing up or down inclinces.
  • Help when managing uneven terrain.
  • Aleviate stress on the back, joints and feet.
  • Style and safety.

Bev and Tom Abrials at the Colonial Heritage Craft Show 2008:


Customer Testimonials:

“He just loves his Williamsburg Walking stick! He takes it every place he goes and receives many favorable comments”
— Merry from Annapolis, Md.

“The walking stick came Christmas Eve and Marino is thrilled with it. It's a beautiful
piece. Thank you so much for your extra effort!"

— Linda from Bakersfield, Calif.


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